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Looking to hire industrial vehicles like trucks or cranes? We, at JTC Transport, specialise in crane hire, crane truck hire, tipper and heavy rigid (HR)/ heavy combination (HC) truck hire in Melbourne and all across Victoria. We are one of the largest transport company in Melbourne with over 30 years of rich industry experience. We have the largest fleet of cranes services and rigid vehicles in Victoria.

Hire A Truck, Crane Or A Forklift With JTC

Management and key staff bring many years of hands-on experience in transport operations and supply chain innovation to give JTC Transport the competitive edge in the Victorian market.

We continually invest in new technology and recruit key personnel from within the industry to ensure we are at the forefront of technological advancements in transport and distribution services.

By partnering with key suppliers, JTC Transport can ensure delivery performance as well as meet fluctuations in demand at a short notice. Our large fleet of HR/HC trucks, cranes and forklifts for hire in Melbourne offer our clients a comprehensive choice. With our strategic partnership with external suppliers, we have the depth and variety of vehicles to ensure seamless service delivery.


Why Hire A Crane Truck?


For certain organizations, possessing a crane truck is the correct decision. For other people, hiring/leasing is a superior choice. Hiring a cheap crane truck is most helpful when it might be utilized at times. For instance, if a development organization is expecting a conveyance of steel bars and will be liable for emptying the conveyance, having an affordable crane truck accessible will most likely be fundamental. Yet, the organization may just need a cheaper crane truck for a solitary day.

Business vehicles can likewise be costly for an organization to keep up, particularly when they aren’t utilized consistently. These vehicles are regularly held to explicit measures for support and activity, and it very well may be anything but difficult to neglect those timetables when the vehicles aren’t utilized frequently.

Crane trucks may likewise be valuable for little organizations who may require this hardware for half a month over a specific activity, yet not need them again subsequently.

Benefits & Uses Of Crane Truck


Crane trucks are principally utilized in substantial businesses, similar to development, fabricating ventures, and at times in the transportation business. Their main role is to move substantial materials effectively starting with one area then onto the next. They can likewise be utilized to migrate gear on a place of work.

Our Mission

We are a fully Australian-owned and operated company. We aim to exceed your expectations in all our services while maintaining competitive prices for our Truck Hire, HR, Tipper, Forklift, Crane Hire, Crane Truck Hire and Trailer hire along with all our other vehicles. We strive to improve our operations and upgrade ourselves in line with industry standards, so you get the best possible results.

Placing Emphasis on Safe Practices

We train our whole staff as per AS/ANZ4801:2001 legal requirements and all other relevant guidelines and regulations. Each member of our team is fully-qualified in this field. We also offer an ongoing training to our staff to ensure we implement and promote best practices.

JTC Semi Crane Rigid

Big Wheels For Big Jobs

To Enquire About Our Services For Cheap Truck & Crane Hire In Melbourne, Call Our Team On 03 9077 0014 or email info@jtctransport.com.au .

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