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Dry Truck Hire

Truck Dry Hire in Melbourne

JTC dropdeck trailer

JTC dropdeck trailer

If you need to use a truck but don’t need to hire the services of a truck driver, truck dry hire services are highly recommended. Also commonly known as self drive truck hire, truck dry hire is when you only rent a truck without using and paying for the services of a professional truck driver.

JTC Transport’s truck dry hire in Melbourne offers businesses in the construction and logistics sectors with a great way to hire a truck that their own in-house truck driver can operate. Our truck dry hire services can help you save money by not paying for a driver when it’s not necessary.

In addition to the financial benefits of using our self drive truck hire service, you can also help to make the job more straightforward. When you hire a truck with a driver, you will have to inform them of what it is you want them to do and instruct them on how to do it as per the requirements of your company. When you use our truck dry hire services, you can instead assign one of your in-house truck drivers to operate the truck who will already be trained in how to carry out their work the way you want them to, helping to save you a great deal of time and money.

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